Germany, Pale Mother (Deutschland, Bleich Mutter)

– The opening sequence of the film, where Hanne Hiob – daughter of Bertolt Brecht – reads the poem “Deutschland Bleiche Mutter”.
– The parallelism of the mother, played brilliantly by Eva Mattes, to the suffering of Germany before, during and after the war.
– The gradual decline of Adolf Hitler’s regime as it is visualised in the office of Nazi official, Ulrich. The heyday comes towards the end of the was, where the office is a complete mess, and Ulrich tries in vain to straighten the Führer’s portrait. A hilarious and tragic moment simultaneously!
– The struggle of mother & daughter as they wander in the destroyed German countryside.
– The post war scene, where young Hanne strolls in the destroyed Berlin with her home-made doll, while two very well dressed girls are walking with their toy pram, at the edge of the French district. One scene summarises the fate of Berlin for the next 40 years!
imdb link
Kino International – Berlinale International Film Festival – Berlin – 08/02/2014

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