Iranian (Iranien)

– A very interesting experiment by Mehran Tamadon to introduce to four supporters of the Iranian regime the notion of a pluralistic society. But by living himself in Paris for the last 30 years he is unable to grasp the sentiment of modern-day Iran.
– The rhetorics of the main guest at the country house of Mehran, who does not only responds to each and every argument for the superiority of a secular society, but it does so with a hilarious and persuasive way, leaving the spectator wondering about the pros of a totalitarian religious regime.
– Despite the fact that the wifes and children of the guests are also staying in the house for the two days of the experiment, their presence in the film is almost nonexistent.
– The opening sequence of the documentary, where we follow the unsuccessful efforts of the director to cast four regime supporters for his experiment. Eventually It took him three years to find the guests.
– Considering that I saw the film on a Q&A session with the director, I was disappointed with his light-hearted attitude towards such an important issue.

imdb link

CinemaxX 4 – Forum – Berlinale International Film Festival – Berlin – 10/02/2014


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