Memory of the Camps (German Concentration Camps Factual Survey)

– The unbelievable cruelty of the archive footage shot by the allied troops, as they liberate one concentration camp after the other in Germany and Poland.
– The fact that just a couple of miles away from Bergen-Belsen camp, life was going on as normal and the scenery reminded a quiet and calm country side resort.
– The astonishing camera work of the Psychological Warfare Division cameramen. The composure they displayed in shooting under these circumstances was unique. Their contribution surpasses the presence of Alfred Hitchcock and Sidney Bernstein in the direction!
– The apathy of the Nazi officials, men and women, as they were forced to dig the mass graves and carry their victims into them, after being captured by the allied forces. No hint of remorse what so ever.
– The fact that the original objective of the archive – to confront Germans with their guilt – was not delivered at the time, and consequently the film can be shown today for educational purposes.

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Delphi Filmpalast – Berlinale International Film Festival – Berlin – 09/02/2014


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