The Better Angels

– The music overture over a black screen in the beginning of the film. It may have been added for technical reasons -according to the director it soothes the spectator into the film as he comes in the theater from the bustling outside world- nevertheless it really prepares you for what you are about to see!
– The director, A.J. Edwards, was Terrence Mallick’s editor in his last film “To the Wonder”. So do not expect a typical biopic film about Lincoln’s childhood. The debut of this very promising director is full of his master’s art: poetic editing in a black and white cinematography. He does not surpass him, but gets pretty close!
– After a week in the Berlinale, getting out of bed in the morning to watch you tenth film can be a real challenge. But the presence of a humane Diane Kruger, modestly thanking you for being there such an early time in the morning, makes it totally worth it!
– The narration throughout the film based on an interview given by a cousin of Lincoln at the end of the century. This is the only existing historical material on the president’s childhood in Indiana.
– The scene where young Abraham sees for the first time a slave trading and that would eventually shape the heart and mind of the future president.

imdb link


CinemaxX 7 – Berlinale International Film Festival – Berlin – 11/02/2014


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