The Hero (Nayak)

– The excellent performance of Uttam Kumar, one the biggest stars of Indian cinema of the time, in his most self-referential role of his career: that of an actor going to receive an award!
– The vulnerability of the main character during his trip: as long as he is on the train he remains an ordinary mortal within normal people, with his fears, insecurities and guilt. But once he alights in his destination and meets his fans he once again transforms to his star self.
– The train metaphor as a depiction of the Indian society of the time: a businessman, an advertising executive, a swami, a cranky olm man, a journalist, each and everyone reflects an aspect of the hypocrisies and frailties of the society.
– The WWWW organisation that the swami is running: World Wide Will Workers! It does not play any crucial role in the plot, but it is just hilarious to make the consonance to the term, some 25 years before the invention of the World Wide Web!
– The flashback and dream sequences which gradually denude the stardom off the main character and reveal his true nature.

imdb link

CinemaxX 8 – Berlinale International Film Festival – Berlin – 11/02/2014


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