In Order of Disappearance (Kraftidioten)

– The hilarious switching between the lurid and the comedic! Kraftidioten is the most disturbingly entertaining film I have seen in years!
– The exquisite performances of two acting giants: Stelan Skarsgard as the dovish neighbour turning into a killing machine and Bruno Ganz the ambivalent yet ruthless mafia boss from Serbia!
– The hysterical portrayal of the “Count”, the local cocaine baron. Even the criminals in Norway have to have style!
– The black screen death announcement intertitles every time someone in the film was shot dead! Especially the one after the final shootout! Simply delightful!
– “Mediterranean countries do not need welfare states. They have sun!” A quote couldn’t describe better the different mentality between North and South Europe!

imdb link


Passage Kino – Berlinale goes Kiez – Berlin – 12/02/2014


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