Stratos (To Mikro Psari)

– The astonishing performance of Vangelis Mourikis in the role of Stratos. Simply brilliant and by far the best performance in this year’s Berlinale, despite the different opinion of the International Jury!
– Sloppy editing… In more than one case there was a unnessecary scene that should have been left at the floor of the editing room. As a result there is a lack of coherence in the film during the first part.
– Cinematic dialogue needs to be refined in order to appear realistic on the screen. Repeating the same phrase two or three times leads to the opposite result!
– The last scene of the film… The vanity of life in its glory!
– Το μεγάλο ψάρι τρώει το μικρό, βλάκα! (Big fish eat little fish, you fool!) A quote that consolidates the whole film! 

imdb link


Friedrichstadt Palast – Berlinale International Film Festival – Berlin – 12/02/2014

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