Blogoscars 2014 – Best Scenes

10. The Eternal Return of Antonis Paraskevas – Me Olvide de Vivir – Just for the surrealism!


9. Gravity – Standing Up – Recaps the notion of the film’s title!


8. Mud – Final Shootout Scene – Action scene with a feeling!


7. Before Midnight – Sitting on the Table –  Philosophical conversation under the sun!


6. All is lost – Fishing Scene – For the beauty of the underwater shot and its contrast with the need of survival!


5. Nebraska – No Big Deal – Cynicism at its best!


4. Captain Phillips – You Are Safe – For the chilling performance of Tom Hanks!


3. La Grande Belleza – Jep’s Party – Decadence of the elite!


2. Nymphomaniac Vol 1 – Little Organ School – Sex and lyricism!


1. The Wolf of Wall Street – Humming at the Restaurant – Singing for greed!


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