Diplomacy (Diplomatie)

– The magnificent shots of Paris over the window of General Dietrich Von Cholitz’s room a few hours before the allies retake the city from the Nazis in 1944.
– The smooth voice of Swedish Consul-General Raoul Nordling, brilliantly portrayed by André Dussollier and the way he talks about the ecumenical nature of his beloved Paris.
– The story behind Von Cholitz’s hotel room. A hidden staircase that was used in the 17th century by Napoleon’s mistress, that was so jealous of him that even the mirror is double-sided! It is so Parisien that you just wish it is true!
– The extraordinary staging of the two rivals by the director Volker Schlöndorff: a man of words committed to a mission versus a sharp minded man of war obliged to orders. After all the film was first a stage play!
The proof that words can be far more engaging, passionate and emotional than any hollywood epic film when it comes down to the depiction of historical moments. 
imdb link
Zoo Palast 1 – Berlinale International Film Festival – Berlin – 12/02/2014

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