The Complete Nymphomaniac

Nature, fishing, geometry & ... SEX!
Nature, fishing, geometry & … SEX!

– The magnificent symbolic lyricism of Lars Von Trier. The only one that could truly correlate sex with fishing, religion, geometry nature and Bach in such an outstanding visual treat!

– The presence of Shia LaBeouf. He is not deficient, he is just indifferent! And his petty efforts to get the buzz, makes things even worse!
Anglo-French inspiration!

Anglo-French inspiration!

– The astonishing performance of Stacy Martin! Indisputably revelating! Lars found his new muse in the 23 years old Anglo-French actress. Any  resemblance to Charlotte Gainsbourg is purely coincidental!

– A film called Nymphomaniac, with hardcore scenes and body doubles from the adult-film industry and yet sex is not the thing that is imprinted  to the viewer’s mind!
– With all due respect, the second part is uneven!

imdb link

Vol 1 trailer

Vol 2 trailer

Volume 1 – Cinepolis 1 – Glyfada – 25/01/2014

Volume 2 – Cinepolis 4 – Glyfada – 14/02/2014

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