Oscars 2014 – Special Edition!

– The uncomplicated coolness of Ellen DeGeneres. She can dress as a fairy, joke about racism and grumble about the rain that almost ruined the red carpet with no offense whatsoever!


– Jared Leto saying one word too many in his acceptance speech. A bit of Ukraine, a bit of Venezuela, a bit of HIV and some tough childhood years is what the Academy likes to hear!


– Lupita, Amy and Meryl dancing with Pharrell Williams!


– Lupita Nyong’o delivers a speech emanating from the freshness and authenticity of her age! The most moving moment of yesterday’s ceremony!


Ellen bringing real pizzas! Julia Roberts eating, Brad Pitt giving out plates and Harrison Ford chasing her for some napkins! And then she went to Harvey Weinstein for some money!


– Jammie Fox humming the “Chariots of Fire” music theme while presenting an oscar for best original score!


– Cate Blanchett being simultaneously a beautifully gorgeous woman, an extremely talented actress and a genuine classy lady while receiving her second oscar!


– The In Memoriam clip. So many fine people passed away the last year.


– What started as a simple photo between Ellen and Meryl Streep, turned out to be the most popular selfie in the history of film… Just count the film stars!


– Steve McQueen gamboling while receiving the Best Picture Oscar as a producer of 12 Years a Slave!

Mise ‘n’ Scene links: Staying up for uncle Oscar
Cable TV – 02/03/2014

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