The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

– All the imaginative sea creatures with inspiring names, such as Sugar Crabs, Golden Barracuda, Crayon Ponyfish, but above all the obscure object of revenge, the Jaguar Shark!
– The opening and the closing sequences at the Loquasto Film Festival, where Steve Zissou respectively presents the first and second part of his latest film.
– Willem Dafoe demonstrating his acting diversity by playing Klaus, the German second-in-command in Zissou’s crew, who is an emotional wreckage! 
– Every presence and tagline of Bill Murray, portraying Steve Zissou, a Jacques Yves Cousteau like character in a middle-life crisis and desperate to leave a legacy behind.
– The brilliant under-the-radar performance of Cate Blanchett as the pregnant journalist aboard the Belafonte. She is not crying out loud, but you cannot picture the movie without her.

imdb link


DVD – 08/03/2014

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