Moonrise Kingdom

– The disappointment written all over the boy scouts’ faces when Scout Master Ward announces to them that no violence should be used during the rescue search for Sam. And the camera immediately cuts to a plan where all the boys get their weapons ready!

– The unfortunate choice of Bruce Willis for the role of Captain Sharp. He is the only mishap of the film. I could easily imagine Willem Dafoe in that role!

– The unbelievable on-screen chemistry between Kara Hayward and Jared Gilman, the two young lovers that flee their homes and are willing to reach the edge for the declaration of their love!

– The whole Chickchaw beach sequence: the honest words the two children exchange, the spontaneous dance, the ear-piercing, the aesthetics of setting!

– Wes Anderson using the end credits again to pay tribute to his film music. This time over he analyses the sounds of 12-15 different organs used by Alexandre Desplat. It is for moments like these, that I always stay to the end credits in every film I watch!

imdb link
Cable TV – 14/03/2014

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