Our Children (À perdre la raison)

– The performance of Émilie Dequenne in the role of the tragic mother trapped in a non-functioning marriage. No wonder she won the Best Actress award at the Un Certain Regard section in the Cannes Film Festival.
– The outworn characterization of the film as a modern Medea. You cannot base the resemblance of the film to Euripides tragedy on one scene only.
– The neglect of the script to give a more detailed background on the sick relationship between Munir and Andre. It is obvious that Andre dominates Munir’s life, but the spectator does not know where this force originates from.
– It is very promising that the film starts by showing the tragic end, making the viewer to anticipate the psychological built-up that led to that result. However the film fails to reach the deeper levels of Muriel’s psychology and mainly stays afloat on her surface.
– The fact that we found the foyer of the theater full of young people dressed in 1920’s costumes, ready to shoot a commercial spot!

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Mikrocosmos – 14/03/2014


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