Gone Girl

– The chilling performance of Rosamund Pike. It was like her whole career was carefully building up for this role!

– Ben Affleck once again failed to keep up the expectations. Especially when you juxtapose his performance against to that of his onscreen wife, things are getting worse. The Affleck family has to finally come to terms that they gave to the world one actor and one director: Casey is the actor and Ben is the director.

– The script lacks coherence and feels awkward at points. I haven’t read Flynn’s book but I am sure that Fincher had the final word on it, as all his trademarks are there: building up a dark story and leaves the salvation of the main character unresolved at the end.

– Neil Patrick Harris to play the long-lost object of lust and eventually Amy’s victim was the worst casting decision ever. He just fails to deliver and makes a crucial part of the film unbearable to watch.

– The story of the “Amazing Amy” book series within the narrative space of the film. She was always one step ahead…

imdb link


TV – 12/12/2014


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