– After the initial awe of Steve Carell’s transformation for the dramatic role of John Du Pont, I was not really thrilled by his performance. Having also seen the pictures of real life John Du Pont, I believe that we are looking at a classic imitating performance.

– The reverse psychology of the two brothers. Although the younger Mark seems more unstable and dependent to the coach father figure of John Du Pont, ultimately it is the ostensibly balanced Dave that fails to interpret the real situation in the Foxcatcher team, leading himself into a poignant end.

– The thrifty direction of Bennett Miller does not focus into the main event of the murder, but attempts to expose the deepest nature of each character and from where it originates. Just as he did in Capote in 2005.

– The sublime superiority of an old school actress. Vanessa Redgrave may only have a few minutes in the film, but she achieves to deliver to the audience the maternal disgrace for her son’s unworthy activities in just one close-up shot and without any lines. Truly remarkable acting.

– The bigotry and the constant need for recognition of a well made man -yet empty inside- like John Du Pont.

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Cinepolis – 20/12/2014


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