Magical Girl

– The human despair, portrayed on film by Carlos Vermut stripped off any hint of salvation, justification or breakthrough.

– The constant symbolic parallelism of financial crisis with the decay of ethics and absence of education: the father in need is an unemployed school teacher, the rich but disturbed Barbara seeks money in prostitution and the opposite teacher vindicates his morals by committing a murder.

– The rationality versus instinct speech by Oliver, that dominates the Spanish psyche in contrary to the countries of the North.

– The direction of Luis to Barbara to hide the money in the library’s copy of the Spanish Constitution, as his words mark “No one ever reads the constitution”. Another binary message in the film.

– The brutal realism when the young dying girl is asking for a gin tonic and a cigarette and the father consents as he bursts in tears.

imdb link


Atlantis Classic Cinemas, 06/01/2015


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