American Sniper

– Cheap effort to present as a hero a man who participated as a sniper in a still debatable war and killing hundreds of people from a vantage point. His early death by the gun of another war veteran only raises more questions on the issue.

– No emotions, no political hue, no psychology, no deeper reasoning of why and how can a man reach this point and have no remorse. As far as I am concerned this film is of value only as a recruitment video for the American Army.

– Even becomes silly at points in favor of Hollywood emotional dramatization, like the scene when Chris (Bradley Cooper) is talking over the satellite phone to his pregnant wife, while the team is preparing for combat in downtown Iraq.

– The performance of Bradley Cooper, apart from putting on 30+ pounds for the role, is nothing worth mentioning. I cannot understand what did the Academy saw and nominated him for an Oscar.

– Perhaps the only worth mentioning element of the film is the enticing and fast paced editing by Joel Cox and Gary Roach.

imdb link


TV, 17/01/2015


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