Birdman: or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

– It has been a long time since I have praised one’s direction, but Alejandro González Iñárritu is brilliant in delivering the agony and insecurity of his main character -and his entourage- in a sublime manner and excellent use of music

 “I wish I had more self-respect.” “Honey, you ‘re an actress!”

– The hilarious conversation between two actresses, discussing their everyday life problems!

– The vague borderline between filmic reality and filmic staging. It is played so well that in times you cannot really tell if they are in role within the film or not.

– Michael Keaton playing a washed up actor of a superhero franchise trying to relaunch his career with a Broadway play. Is he playing the role of his life or living the life of his role? Amazing casting in any case!

– Emma Stone’s snappy performance as the rebellious but loving daughter of Riggan, one of my year’s favourites and worthy of the Oscar nod.

imdb link


Odeon Glyfada, 24/01/2015

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