Blue Blood (Sangue Azul)

– The black and white opening sequence, where the team is setting up the circus tent on the island, while the ringmaster is sitting aside overlooking. The tension in their facial expressions combined with intervening moments of joy and play with children, reveals the dual reality of their existence as part of a circus: it is simultaneously their work as well as their life.

– All the shots in which the characters are performing their circus acts, as these are the only moments they seem to really exist as individuals and enjoy their life.

– The parallelism between the actual island that the circus resides and the island notion of the circus itself: both are remote small societies with their own set of rules moving, literally of metaphorically, unaffected from external factors.

– The brilliant visualization of isolation between Raquel and her husband Cangulo in the bedroom shot. The camera tilts as if the viewer is lying next to the couple and watches Raquel as she is falling asleep silently, but not without full of emotions, while her husband is masturbating. So close to each other, but yet an enormous distance between them.

– The whole film seems like an interesting collection of sophistries and symbolism on life, sex, marriage and family, without however shedding any new light on these issues or reaching a firm conclusion.

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Cinemaxx 5 – 65th Berlinale International Film Festival – Berlin – 05/02/2015


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