– The comforting feeling that despite the house arrest and the 20 years ban of shooting films that Jafar Panahi was sentenced to by the Iranian government, he always finds the way to bend the rules and expand the borders of the cinematic medium with new films.

– However this film merely achieves to capture the viewer’s attention as it feels like a desultory suture of absurd stories on the political situation of Iran. And although they overflow with populism they lack in essence.

– The cute but sharp 10-year-old Hana, niece of the director, who totally steals the thunder of the film with her clever remarks and her political correctness that is a self-reference to Panahi’s woes on censorship and cinematic restrictions.

– Panahi is a critically acclaimed director and a talented writer, proven without any doubt by his past films, but he is not an actor and his active participation on the action of Taxi, weakens the coherence of the film.

– The hilarious incident in which one the clients, a distributor of unlicensed DVDs, attempts to present the famous director as his business partner in order to boost his illegal sales.

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Berlinale Palast – 65th Berlinale International Film Festival – Berlin – 06/02/2015 


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