The Fire (El Incendio)

– The brutal realism of the violent sex scene in the garage, shot with great intimacy by Juan Schnitman.

– The gradual scaling of the tension between the couple and how this leads toy the violent outburst of Marcelo highlighting simultaneously the anew stimulation of Lucia.

– The extreme camera movement as the couple exits the bank with 100.000 dollars on them and how that adds the feeling of anxiety and danger to the shot.

– The almost theatrical staging of the plot that could really be confined in the premises of the old apartment, without losing an inch of its strength. It comes to no surprise that both the protagonists have a strong theatre background.

– The no dialogue ending scene,as the couple enters their new apartment, leaving the choice to the viewer to decide whether the couple has settled their argument or just went on a temporary truce.

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Cinestar 3 – 65th Berlinale International Film Festival – Berlin – 07/02/2015


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