Cobain: Montage of Heck

– The amazingly inspirational animation of Hisko Hulsing and Stefan Nadelman acompanying archive recordings of Kurt Cobain’s early years, bringing to life less known incidents.

– The visualization of Cobain’s scattered notes and sketches that reveal nuggets of his musical genius and artistic nature and the way the director literally brings them to file.

– The transformation of the guitarist Krist Novoselic from this wild grudge performer to the serene next door family guy. If you did not know you could never guess he once was part of one of the most influential bands of all time.

– The “Unplugged in New York” footage towards the end of the film, as the only moment of Cobain’s life that he seems to be calm and in terms with his own self, only a few months before he committed suicide.

– It might not shed light to Cobain’s musical genius or reach any firm conclusions for this manifold figure, but you cannot help it but admit that the guys over at HBO know how to deliver a well made documentary. Archive footage, interview intervals, innovative techniques, use of animation and great music in such a coherence that grabs you from the very first sequence and stays with you for days. Even if you are not the a Cobain fanatic.

imdb link

CineStar 7 – 65th Berlinale International Festival – Berlin – 08/02/2015


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