Oscars 2015 – Special Edition!

Call your Mom!

Call your Mom!

– J.K. Simmons acceptance speech, where he urges about 100 million people who are watching the Oscars, to call (not text nor email!!) their parents and talk to them!

Neil Patrick Harris - Oscar

Do I have to get naked to laugh?

 “Acting is a noble profession”. Neil Patrick Harris tries to convince himself while being almost naked on the stage of the Dolby Theatre as part of his only worth mentioning gag in the ceremony.

Are you sure it has my name on it?

Are you sure it has my name on it?

– The perfect timing of Alexandre Desplat’s first academy award for the exquisite musical score of the Grand Budapest Hotel.

In Memoriam– Meryl Streep gives a moving intro speech however there was an awkward lack of emotions during the In Memoriam clip.

Guys, you make too much noise!

Guys, you make too much noise!

– Pawel Pawlikowski derides the American film industry for recognising a low-key film in the epicentre of noise and world attention, earning a warm applause from the auditorium, and then goes on to answer the vital question of what happens if you ignore the music signal to wrap up and leave the stage: music stops and you can continue your speech!

He is not so funny...

He is not so funny…

– David Oyelowo receives huge recognition by his peers and Neil Patrick Harris brilliantly criticizes the Academy for not giving him an oscar nomination, in the most genius moment of the host. Too bad he went too far with the joke and ruined it…

I can't believe I won!

I can’t believe I won!

– The affable on stage discomfiture of Eddie Redmayne while receiving the best actor Oscar.


– The moving performance of “Glory” by Common and John Legend and the following acceptance speech that brought tears to the eyes of many.

Stop touching my face!

Stop touching my face!

– The Idina Menzel joke, that involved Benedict Cumberbatch, Ben Affleck, Idina Menzel and John Travolta. And how John managed to make it weird again with all the face touching!

Inarritu - Oscar

– Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu reminding to everyone that United States is an immigrant nation and all the Americans should take that into consideration on how they treat foreigners, concluding one of the most political Oscar ceremonies of the last 25 years!


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