About M’n’S

Mise en scene: The arrangement of everything that appears in the framing – actors, lighting, décor, props – deriving from a French term that means “placing on stage”.

I ‘m Ion Casulli, a film enthusiast, festival follower, movie critic, event coordinator and international traveller, all in both a leisure and a professional manner.
I have a genuine passion for cinema, in a way that my life revolves around it! I have studied Media and Journalism in Panteion University, received an MA in Film Studies from UCL London, researched the impact of space in Film Festivals (Berlinale), travelled around the world and worked for film events (Athens, Thessaloniki, London, Leiden, Park City), stayed up for an all-nighter (Guillermo Del Toro)!
And what do I do? I watch movies, follow reviews, queue up for tickets, work for festivals, stroll around the host cities, read film books, search special edition dvd. And then I write about them!
So, stay tuned and follow Mise en Scene!

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