The Circuit

Ever since the inauguration of the Venice Film Festival back in 1932, these diverse cultural events have played a crucial role in the cinematic art platform. It’s no wonder that today their number surpasses the 700 – meaning that at least one festival is playing every day in a theater near you!

Whether they are showcasing the national film production, introducing promising directors, operating as an alternative distribution network, paying tribute to renowned auters, offering films buffs a chance of glamorous premiers and sneak peeks to worldwide film stars or just creating scandals, Film Festivals have become an integral part of cinema.

The Circuit – as the film scholars call the festival network – consists annual meeting locations for people involved in the film culture, either on a business level or simply appreciate the art of cinema.

Being an active festival follower myself – having collaborated with several (Sundance, BFI London,Thessaloniki International Film Festival) and attended a bunch more (Berlin, Leiden, Athens) – under this category I will post news related to the festivals: from underground and experimental screenings to glamorous premiers and red carpet walks, from discussion panels on new trends to hot deals for upcoming new films and from long queues for tickets to the best secrets of the host city!

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